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Part Vampire

A young actor arrives at a film studio to audition for a new Vampire movie. He is greeted with resentment by an older actor who is also auditioning for the same part. Something about the whole set-up doesn"t seem right.
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Film Strip

Murder Story Video Cover The song 'I'll Be Waiting', featured in a movie "Murder Story" starring Christopher Lee and Bruce Boa (see picture on the left).

Audio track: 'I'll be waiting'

Murder Story clip



Poland, 1944. A young girl is found wandering alone through the snow by the Good Fairy. They go on an adventure in search of her parents.

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Available to buy on: lulu link

Hoodie & The High Rip Gang

A Hoodie is tricked by his one-time school friend and sent back in time to the Liverpool slums of 1911.

On the dark streets of Liverpool he faces a mirror image of himself in the form of local gangs - The High Rip Gang & the Corner Men. Now it’s his turn to be on the wrong side of the street.
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Also available to buy from Waterstones, Liverpool.

Author Quotes:

Author, Doctor Michael Macilwee"
"A stirring tale of gang warfare, love and redemption in the Liverpool slums".

Actor, Andrew Schofield...
"Every now and then another great story about Liverpool comes along and I believe this to be one of them".

Playwright, Dave Kirby...
"This is a great book that incorporates a lot of factual events blending them in with fiction; I love the idea of a Hoodie being sent back in time and learning some hard lessons from the past".

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